Sunday, September 8, 2019

Rhetorical analysis essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Rhetorical analysis essay - Assignment Example In his commencement address to the graduating class of 2005 at the Stanford University, Steve Jobs strives to uphold his argument that one should pursue their dreams without allowing challenges to stop them (â€Å"Stanford University† 1). Steve Jobs tells three stories of his life to convince the students to focus on their dreams and disregard all challenges, which would stop them. He told the students to use such challenges as opportunities to achieve more. The address focuses on three stories that would have prevented Steve Jobs from achieving his dreams but instead he used them as stepping stones to learn and record huge success in technology. Steve Jobs derives various arguments in the three stories regarding the family challenges at his childhood, professional challenges at his workplace, and health challenges from his diagnosis with cancer (â€Å"Stanford University† 1). In establishing his argument, Steve Jobs uses different rhetorical strategies and establishes his credibility to convince the target audience on the need to focus on one’s goals and use challenges as opportunities to succeed in life. For us to understand the intentions of Steve Jobs in developing an\d utilizing his argument on TED Talk during the commencement address at the Stanford University, we must analyze the target audience, apparent purpose of the argument, and the context where the argument occurred. Steve Jobs argues that challenges will always be there in our pursuit for success but we should always maximize the challenges and treat them as opportunities to achieving our dreams. The context of Steve Jobs’ argument emanates from his personal experiences where he faced many challenges before making immense contributions in modern technology. Moreover, various statistics showing how graduates lose their dreams after facing serious challenges in life developed the context of his argument. Moreover, the fact that Steve Jobs never graduated from college and the idea of

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